Screw unit

Screw unit

Screw parallel unit

Adopt international brand compressors with large cooling capacity, suitable for large and medium-sized cold storage. Compared with a single unit, it can save more than 30% energy and has complete and safe operation protection.
●Save investment and reduce one-time equipment investment;
●Save energy and provide cooling capacity on demand, which can save energy by more than 30% compared with a single independent unit;
●Safe operation, always monitor the operation parameters of the unit, and have a fault warning function to ensure Safe and reliable operation;
●Compact structure, centralized installation of multiple machine heads, saving space in the machine room, and short construction period;
●Fully automatic, using PLC advanced dedicated controller for parallel units;
●Not only complete protection functions, but also multiple alarms Locking function and fault code display function improve the reliability and maintainability of the unit;
●With multi-level energy adjustment, energy adjustment can be carried out according to the change of cooling load, effectively reducing energy consumption;
●Operation rate is automatically balanced, greatly extending Improve the overall service life of the unit;
●Using a new type of semi-hermetic screw compressor with asymmetric rotor, which has high efficiency, long life, low vibration and low noise;


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