What is agricultural machinery cold storage


1. What is a cold storage for agricultural machinery:
Answer: The official name of the cold storage for agricultural machinery is "simple fresh-keeping storage equipment". It is an agricultural machinery product that the state focuses on promoting agriculture, rural areas and targeted poverty alleviation, and subsidies are provided to buyers.

Who are the subsidies?

Answer: Farmers, agricultural cooperatives and agricultural enterprises can all enjoy national agricultural machinery cold storage subsidies.

2. Why can I enjoy national agricultural machinery subsidies for purchasing the cold storage of Zhejiang Xingmao Refrigeration?
Answer: The cold storage of enterprises that have obtained the National Agricultural Machinery Promotion Certificate can enjoy agricultural machinery subsidies. The cold storage of Zhejiang Xingmao Refrigeration has not only been recognized and promoted by the country, but also a national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang agricultural science and technology enterprise, and undertaking the national cold storage torch plan project.

3. What is the subsidy standard for agricultural machinery cold storage?
Answer: The subsidy standards of each province are different. See the table below for the specific subsidy standards. For more details, please contact 18805852013 (same number on WeChat)